Instantly Fix Browser Crashes
How to fix frequent browser crashes and freeze up?
Removing toolbars can reduce this problem. Yahoo! toolbar is known for the most browser crashes. Uninstall this, and clean the remnants with registry cleaner for uninterrupted browsing experience.

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Get Rid of the Yahoo Toolbar On Your Firefox

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Yahoo toolbar is the most popular and easily customizable toolbar available for web browsers today especially Mozilla Firefox. Other than letting you access yahoo mail and yahoo search easily, it also lets you save your bookmarks to your yahoo account easily. It also lets you subscribe to feeds across the web stored in your My Yahoo page and access it all right within the toolbar!

On the flipside, other than getting frequent browser crashes and freeze up due to this toolbar, it’s also vulnerable to threats like hacking which was recently a big issue with this toolbar. Many hackers use the loopholes found in the toolbar to get access to your computer through your web browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

So, how to get rid of this toolbar, till a security patch is updated? Well I in this article will go through the steps to uninstall the Yahoo toolbar from Mozilla Firefox. Let’s talk about 2 methods in doing that.

1. Direct  uninstallation:

    Click on the pencil icon on the Yahoo toolbar. Click on uninstall from the drop-down menu. Restart Firefox to complete the uninstallation. This is the direct uninstallation method from the toolbar itself. This is the easiest way!

    2. Uninstallation from the Firefox extension manager:

      From your Firefox, click on Tool menu > Add-Ons > Extensions Tab. Select Yahoo! Toolbar extension, and click uninstall! Restart Firefox. If the Yahoo! Toolbar is still present, then you need to delete the current user profile, because that might be corrupted. To do that, click Windows Start menu > Run > Type firefox.exe -ProfileManager and hit the enter key. The profile window opens up, select the current profile, and click Delete Profile. Click Create Profile to create a new profile. Restart Firefox and now uninstall Yahoo Toolbar from the Firefox Extension manager or direct uninstallation method from the Yahoo! toolbar itself.

      These are the 2 methods to get rid of Yahoo! Toolbar from your Firefox. Once yahoo updates its toolbar with its latest security patch and has good reviews across the web, you can install it. But I recommend that you don’t need to install a toolbar at all, because Firefox itself lets you subscribe to feeds with its many addons and also with its default feed subscriber. You can also use the bookmark toolbar in the Firefox to save your mostly used links such as emails and news sites.

      So, after you have uninstalled your Yahoo! Toolbar, I also recommend you to use a good registry cleaner tool to clean up your registry of the entries associated with Yahoo! Toolbar that are still up there even after an uninstallation. Those entries are vacant and invalid, but they are not needed; then why not clean it up? You can cleanup manually or by using the registry cleaner tool. I personally use a registry cleaner tool to do that, just because it also optimizes and compacts registry cleaning up the invalid entries left by other softwares uninstalled in the system, thereby making the registry faster which enhances the PC speed!

      So, its wise to invest in a registry cleaner tool, check for a free scan download of a registry cleaner tool which I personally use, above this article!

      Taking about the potential chances that allow vulnerability, hackers and threats in your system, make sure to update and schedule anti-virus and anti-spyware tool to run periodically. Make sure your anti-virus and anti-spyware are up to date with the latest virus/spyware definition and also with regular security patches. These will protect your system completely!

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