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Why does my PC Freeze?
Your computer freezes up because of display driver problem, device driver conflicts, too many start up programs, high cpu usage by programs, high page file use, etc... The solution: Registry Optimizer Tool to clean the crud off your PC.

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Fixing Freeze up Problems on your Windows XP

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Are you having a problem with your computer – does it suddenly freezes up on you? There are various reasons for that. The first symptoms are your computer performing slow or not performing well, and then it moves to the next stage where it freezes. The ultimate stage is your PC dying with a Blue Screen of Death Screen error message, the dreaded one! Now let’s talk about how to prevent the freeze and then avoid all other consequences that follows after it. When your computer freezes, you may experience keyboard and mouse not working. The simplest solution that you might do is to restart the computer. But this is inefficient one, as you need to keep restarting every time your PC freezes. So you must know how to fix the problem so that you completely eliminate it from occurring again! Let’s talk about that now…

  1. The first step is to clean and defragment your hard disk. Go to Start menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools, run Disk cleanup and then Disk Defragment. This should clean up all the unwanted files and fragment your disk into healthy disk sectors by killing all the bad sectors on your hard disk.
  2. Make sure to update and schedule your Antivirus and Antispyware to run regularly, atleast 2 times a week!
  3. Likewise, invest in a registry cleaner. Update and schedule scan periodically atleast once a day. This will keep the windows registry clean and compact.

If any of the above methods did not work out, we have to find the source of the problem that causes the system freezes. Let’s talk about that now…

There are 3 main causes that a system freezes,

  1. Too many start up programs.
  2. Monitor display problems.
  3. Device driver conflicts.

The remedy,

1. Too many start up programs:

You might have observed that when you install a new program like yahoo messenger or lime wire, it automatically is set to startup during every PC startup. Too many programs running during the startup overload your computer. Keep it less than 10 – 15. You can choose which program you want to run during a PC startup by going to Start menu > Run > Type ‘msconfig’ without quotes. Navigate to startup tab and uncheck the programs that you don’t want to run on PC startup.

2. Monitor display problems:

This is when your monitor shows a black screen or “signal out of range” message immediately upon PC startup. This is because your display resolution is set too much than what your monitor can handle. The remedy is to reboot your computer, then keep pressing F8, and in the boot menu, choose safe mode startup. Once the desktop is ready, right click anywhere on the screen and click Properties > Settings Tab. Change the monitor resolution to lower enough for it to work. You can sense it, if you don’t get any warning that it won’t work. If you don’t get that message you are good to go!  Generally 1280 by 800 pixels is ok! If you don’t have that 1024 by 768 pixels is good enough. Click apply and reboot again!

3. Device driver conflicts:

Sometimes your computer may not have the right device driver for its hardware. It might have an incompatible driver or completely outdated one. In that case, the fixing steps are, right click My Computer > Properties > Hardware Tab > Device Manager Button. If you see “yellow triangle with an exclamation mark on it” that means the device is not properly working – it doesn’t have a driver or the existing driver is corrupted. In that you need to put in the CD rom that came with the hardware and right click the fault device and install or update it. If you lost the CD rom, you can look for the appropriate device driver on the internet. Install that, and then your PC will be fine back again!

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