Instantly Fix Avgcsrvx.exe High CPU
What Avgcsrvx.exe does?
Avgcsrvx.exe constantly monitors your computer for infections often taking too much CPU and slowing down the system. The solution is to uninstall AVG and Scan with a Registry cleaner to fix bloated registry!

Run a registry scan to remove any residue or corrupt entries.

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Avgcsrvx.exe High CPU Usage

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What avgcsrvx.exe does?

Avgcsrvx.exe is a part of AVG Antivirus/Security Suite that is a Resident shield component. It constantly monitors your computer for infections. It starts up automatically at system start up. Removing this process from the Task manager will turn off this Real time scan feature of AVG, which is not recommended.

Why does avgcsrvx.exe takes more CPU?

It’s common for any anti virus’s scanner to take maximum system resources when its performing a full system scan. So when avgcsrvx.exe takes high CPU a full system scan is being performed, and you might see the animation of the scanning process at the system tray. So what’s if I don’t want the system scan to run at any time? Schedule it to run only when you don’t use your PC much say late at night like 2 am.

But I see multiple instance of this process running at high CPU even when full system scan is not being performed!

This is because of it being the Resident shield component, it scans web, email, link etc… What you could do is disable email, web and link scanning feature and only use the file scanning. This should solve the issue.

Other options – Moving to another antivirus and anti spyware.

If you are looking for an alternative solution for anti virus and anti spyware that is as equivalent as AVG but hogs less system resources, then I recommend taking a look at Quick Heal & Registry Optimizer Tool and Spybot Search and Destroy which I personally use.

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